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Celebrate the History of Fort Monmouth & the Signal Corps at Fort Fest

Fort Fest is going on this weekend at Fort Monmouth on 16, 17, 18 July 2010.  While the term “Fort Fest” is relatively new, celebrations at Fort Monmouth are almost as old as the Fort itself. 

These events were sometimes 1-day celebrations, or extended many days, like Armed Forces Week.  Much like today’s Fort Fest that has a variety of activities and attractions, so too did earlier festivals.  Below is a map from the 1950 Armed Forces Week program.

Celebrations in the military go back to Roman times.  Historian R. W. Davies wrote about Roman military celebrations in “The Roman Military Diet” which was published in Brittania in 1971.  He explained how a greater variety of food was provided to soldiers on special days in the military calendar, and there were special camp celebrations during Saturnalia.

The image below from the 1969 Armed Forces Day celebration illustrates how military bases like Fort Monmouth are a part of the larger community where they are located. 

Come out to Fort Fest and celebrate with us!

For more information and a schedule of events, please see

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