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Bob Hope Visits Fort Monmouth!

Bob Hope visited Fort Monmouth in January 1945 to perform for enlisted Soldiers only. When asked how long his performance would last, he quipped, ” As long as your men can take it. I can stand it as long as they can. I have never been counted out yet!” Click on the newspapers to enlarge them.

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  1. R Claiborne says

    Note the use of the name “Yehudi” over the photo of Bob Hope on the first page.

    Bob’s sidekick Jerry Colonna from Bob Hope’s radio shows was forever in search of a mythical (and invisible) figure named ‘Yehudi’.

    “Yehudi” became synonymous with anything hidden or invisible, it is said to have inspired
    a ‘Project Yehudi’ during WWII for the camoflauge of ships and airplanes.

    Bandsman front and 1940s novelty song king Kay Kaiser also had a song called “Who’s Your Hootie?” Which sounds like “Who’s Yehudi?” when sung.