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Ruffles and Flags

Last week the Fort Monmouth Officers’ Wives’ Club made a generous donation to the Historical Office. The new collection includes over ninety issues of “Ruffles and Flags,” the organization’s newsletter.

The FMOWC began publication of the newsletter in October of 1970. Through the early 1990s each issue included original artwork on its cover and throughout the publication. Later issues sport a more professional style. There are dozens of photographs of people participating in the various activities and events sponsored by the club.

The articles in the newsletter included human-interest stories, local news, base news, family announcements, club activities, recipes, and even a monthly horoscope. This was a wonderful way for the families stationed at Fort Monmouth to keep in touch with the outside world and with each other.

As one looks through the newsletters, the important issues of the times are reflected in these pages. For example, many of the journals from the early 70s, such as the one pictured here, contain a message about fighting pollution.

The cover of one of the OWC newsletters from July-August 1973.

Issues from the nineties address problems faced by families in a difficult economy. We sincerely thank the OWC for their generous contribution, and request that anyone willing to contribute materials to this or any collection please contact the CECOM Historical Office via a comment below or through our contact page.

Note: This blog was composed by Monmouth University grad student and history office intern Joan Manzo; it was posted by Chrissie Reilly.

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